“Pacemaker" Among Enterprises丨Litree: Focusing on The Research and Development of “Membrane" Technology in The Past 30 Years, Adhered to Independent Scientific and Technological Innovation

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Founded in 1992, Litree Purifying Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating membranetechnology research, production and sales services. In the past 30 years, ithas been focusing on the research of membrane technology, and has alwaysadhered to the road of independent scientific and technological innovation.Litree has built a marketing service network composed of 26 direct branches andmore than 500 distribution agents in China, and Litree water purificationequipment is widely used in municipal water supply, water treatment, sewagetreatment and reuse, household drinking water purification, commercial waterpurification, rural drinking water, direct drinking water in public places andother fields. Technology and products are exported to the United States, Italy, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, serving morethan 3 million household users around the world.

Litree products are widely used inthe field of municipal water treatment, and the application of large-scalemunicipal water plants in China has exceeded 5 million m³/d. In municipalsewage treatment, Litree’shollow fiber membrane bioreactor unit was exported to the Venice Urban SewageTreatment Plant in Italy in 2013, creating a precedent for China'sultrafiltration membrane products to enter large-scale sewage treatmentprojects in Europe. The technology has also been applied in developed countriessuch as the United States, Russia, Japan, and Australia, proving that Litreehas a strong competitiveness in the world.



Litree Hollow Fiber UltrafiltrationMembrane Product

  • The membrane filament has smallpore size, good hydrophilicity, high flux and low pressure.

  • The membrane filament has hightensile fracture strength, no need to worry about filament breakage.

  • The membrane filament has stronganti-shedding performance and good water stability.

  • The membrane filament has excellentchemical stability and long service life.

  • The membrane filament has goodanti-fouling performance, long cleaning cycle and self-recovery.



Litree Hollow Fiber BioreactorUnits

  • Self-developed patented technologyof integrated pulse aeration device, low energy consumption.

  • Adopting self-developedanti-breaking filament patented technology to avoid wire breakage.

  • Using the structure of waterproduction at both ends, which has higher filtration efficiency than single-endwater production.

  • Installing innovative diaphragmarrangement structure, and the mud discharge is smooth and no blockage.

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