Little Tip | Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology Is Widely Used in the Field of Water Reuse



At present, with the acceleration of socialand human development, environmental problems have emerged frequently. Such asatmospheric problems, water resources problems, etc. Among them, the problem ofwater resources is the most prominent. Water supply and drinking problems hasoccurred in many parts of the world. At the same time, the amount of sewageproduced is increasing, further aggravating the deterioration of the waterenvironment.


Ultrafiltration membrane technology hasdeveloped rapidly in China, and its application fields are increasing. Thefield of wastewater recycling is an important part of it. This part willprovide a comprehensive analysis of the reuse and application ofultrafiltration membrane technology in water treatment.


01 The principle of UF membrane technology


Ultrafiltration membrane technology is amembrane separation technology that can purify, separate or concentratesolutions. It works under the pressure exerted on it by the solution.



Its principle is to separate some smallparticulate matter and impurities of the solution through membrane separationtechnology. The large particulate matter and impurities on the other side arethen separated to use the beneficial substances.

The useless substance is then processed inthe next step. Ultrafiltration membrane technology is to filter impurities inwater through separation and remain good substances.


02 Reuse water treatment field


Reuse water can be divided into two categories,municipal water reuse and industrial water reuse.

1, Municipal water is non-potable water thatcan be reused within a certain range after being treated to meet qualitystandards. Municipal water has stable quality and quantity, and simpletreatment method, which greatly promote the development of municipal waterchemistry technology, and the development has driven the popularity ofultrafiltration membrane technology in China.

After treatment, municipal water is oftenused for agricultural irrigation, cleaning cars, and for gardens and parks.


2, Industrial wastewater treatment plays animportant role in enriching the city's water resources. The reuse of wastewateralleviates the water demand, avoids secondary pollution, and improves theconcept of sustainable development of water resources, which is conducive toprotecting the environment. In the process of reusing wastewater, the recycleof renewable resources can also be realized.

①The treatment and reuse of water in powerplants can be treated with membrane technology to meet the standards ofdischarge, and can also be recycled.

② Electroplating wastewater treatment bymembrane technology


For the electroplating industry, theproduction process will produce wastewater with heavy metals. According to theoperation experience, in the concentration of wastewater can use membraneseparation technology to extract valuable heavy metals in wastewater, purifiedions can be efficiently recovered, treated wastewater can be reused, which cannot only save water resources, but also reduce environmental pollution.


③Food processing wastewater treatment bymembrane technology.


Food processing enterprises will producesewage in the daily production activities, which has a high content of starch,yeast and other organic matter. So that it has a certain value of recycling andreuse. And the direct discharge of industrial sewage will cause damage to theecosystem and waste of resources, so it needs to be treated before discharge.The application of ultrafiltration membrane technology to this kind of sewagetreatment process can effectively remove impurities in it, effectively recoverstarch, lactose and other substances, protect the ecological environment whilereducing the costs, improve resource utilization, and promote the sustainabledevelopment of the food industry.

④Printing and dyeing wastewater adoptmembrane separation technology to remove color and reuse the resulting water.Denim wastewater can recycle indigo dyestuff.

⑤The membrane for papermaking wastewater canseparate the lignin, pigment, etc. in the wastewater, and the purified watercan be discharged or reused.


03 Project cases






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